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While dermatology may be mistakenly be considered as a cosmetic area of medicine, it is in fact both medical and surgical as well. It also does not only take in to account skin conditions, but also those of nails and hair. Should you notice anything irregular with any of these body parts, even though it is as minor as a mole, it is always wise to get an opinion of a dermatologist. This is because often times, these little irregularities that go unnoticed may be an indicator of an underlying serious problem. 

Here at Addu Medicity, our dermatology department focuses on providing reliable and effective aesthetic, medical as well as surgical care for our patients. Our services range from;

• Acne
• Hair and Nail Conditions
• Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes
• Skin Infections, Warts, Molluscum
• Skin Cancer
• Pediatric Skin Conditions
• Aesthetics and Surgery