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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine/General Medicine team atAddu Medicity provides comprehensive, long-term care for adolescents, adultsand elderly patients. Our doctors are well trained to manage both acuteillnesses such as infections, respiratory conditions and musculature achesas well as more chronic and complex medical issues, including diabetes, heartproblems weight management, gastroenterology disorders and more.

Areas oftreatments:

         Comprehensive diabetes care program for alltypes of diabetic patients.

        Hypertension and heart disease management.

        COPD, Asthma, Lung Diseases treatment andsmoking cessation programs.

        Endocrinology, Thyroid diseases and obesitymanagement.

        Acute and chronic kidney diseases management.

        Fever Infection, and gastric diseases treatment.

        Stroke, Migraine & other neurologicaltreatment.

        Special & detailed advice on diet, exercise,lifestyle modification and weight reduction.