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Doctor Profile

Dr. Ahmed Refaat


MBBcH (General Medicine) MD (Diagnostic Radiology)

  • Speciality   RADIOLOGY
  • Experience 6 Years

Physician, specialized in Diagnostic Radiology.


·         Investigating and diagnosing sick and injured patients on their ailments and then arranging appropriate treatments for them.

·         Updating and maintaining accurate patient records.

·         Learning about the medical history of a patient to ensure they have no allergies etc.

·         Prescribing medical prescriptions to patients.

·         If necessary referring patients to hospitals or specialist clinics for further investigation.

·         Involved in the day to day running the practice.

·         Ensuring a safe work environment for the patients and staff.

·         Advanced Life Support Course and Handle Critical Cases

·         Examining patients physically and doing so taking cultural and social sensitivities into consideration.

·         Previous accident and emergency (A&E) medicine experience.

·         Able to deal sympathetically with sensitive circumstances.

·         Keeping up to date with the latest treatments, medicines and medical developments

·         Experience of providing care to patients on hospital wards, outpatient clinics and also doctors surgeries.

·         Assisted in the operating theatres in surgical operations.

·         A willingness to accept responsibility.

·         Experience of working in a pressurized environment.

·         Ability to work around the clock.

·         Ability to maintain high quality work despite pressure and stress.

·         Excellent team leading, administrative and organizational skills

·         Wide knowledge in the radiodiagnosis including ultrasound, Duplex sonography, transfontaneller ultrasound, conventional radiography X-ray, CT (computed tomography) scan and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging).

·         Writing comprehensive diagnostic reports.

Training and workshops

·         As a radiologist officer in diagnostic radiology department

·         in the Egyptian military armed forces hospitals

·         during his service in the period between 01/06/2015 to 30/09/2016.

·         As a radiologist resident in Mansoura University Hospitals

·         in Diagnostic radiology and intervention department

·         during the period between 01/01/2017 to 30/09/2017.

·         As a radiologist in the TIBA center (Diagnostic Radiology Center)

·         during the period between April 2017 to 31 march 2018.

Conferences and Seminars

·         Mansoura World Kidney Day: 12/03/2009 to 18/04/2009 Mansoura – Egypt.

·         Has completed a course on “how to be an excellent G.P”

·         Conducted at Mogamaa Al Eman, Mansoura – Egypt, March 22 – May 17, 2012, in collaboration with ministry of health and Dakahlia medical syndicate.

·         European Resuscitation Council, on 29 June 2012, Mansoura – Egypt.

·         Ain shams Interventional Radiology Conference. Ain shams university, Specialized

Hospital, Diagnostic and interventional Radiology Unit, December 2017.

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