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We’ve partnered with Thalassemia Society based in Addu!

26 Oct 2019

Thalassemia Society, an organization aiming to provide help to Thalassemia patients and create awareness about the condition has been inaugurated in Addu. The inauguration event held at Maradhoo Bon'doge on Thursday evening was attended by Jeehaan Saleem, Vice Chairperson of Thalassemia Society of Maldives. 

According to the president of the newly founded organization, Ahmed Shareef, the it would be run with the help of both Thalassemia Society of Maldives and the National Thalassemia Centre. He further mentioned that the biggest goal of the organization is to create maximum awareness about the condition as well as continue with work related to the cause.

To achieve this, we, Addu Medicity have partnered with the NGO to provide and aid in arranging all necessary laboratory tests required by Thalassemia patients both locally and from abroad. In addition to this, we have decided to open a Thalassemia unit at our clinic and arrange travel of patients with the condition to Hithadhoo Regional Hospital for blood transfusions.

During the inauguration ceremony, it was highlighted the lack of proper knowledge of the condition within the city as well as that of trained professionals in the field. 

Vowing to change this and to formulate a list of all patients in the city, Shareef highlighted that the work to be done would require and would receive a great deal of assistance from Addu Medicity, which we are happily ready to offer.